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What are the differences of Programmatic x GDN Google Display Network

GDN is a Direct Response oriented platform, consisting of a pre-packaged solution made exclusively of Google owned components – Inventory, Data, Technology – while Programmatic has a broader scope of possibilities:


  • Reach: Programmatic has access to far more AdExchanges (+80) than GDN (1, Google AdSense)
  • 3rd Party Data: Programmatic allows to buy and use Data from a lot of different specialized Data Providers while in GDN you have access to Google proprietary Data segments
  • Formats: GDN offers a good variation of different Ad types such as Text Image and Video. On Programmatic the exception remains on Text Ads but it compensates with a higher pool of variations in each Media.
  • Inventory Types: GDN works only on Open Auction while Programmatic allows also Private Auctions, Preferred Deals and Programmatic Guaranteed.



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