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CPXi Launches Content Division, Consumed Media, Creating Content Designed for Todays Digital Ecosyst

First Two CPXi Owned and Operated Websites See Initial Audience Growth of 1,800 Percent

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Sep 29, 2014) - Digital media holding company CPXi today announced the launch of its first consumer-facing division, Consumed Media, focused on creating content designed for the current digital ecosystem in the form of websites, videos, articles, photo galleries and more. This content is designed to 'find' targeted users based on their specific consumption behaviors, and to be easily shared across social media platforms. This results in discrete audiences with similar interest sets, creating significant value for advertisers.

"The way audiences consume content has evolved and so the strategies used to engage them in it must evolve as well," said Mike Seiman, CEO, CPXi. "Having spent more than a decade helping publishers maximize user engagement of their content, we are in a unique position to leverage that experience to create niche content optimized to help advertisers connect with their targeted audiences."

Consumed Media officially launches with two owned and operated websites already showing significant and exponential growth in only their first three months since launch. PressRoomVIP is a one stop shop for pop culture, celebrity gossip, entertainment, sports, political news and more, and Hip Hop My Way is a music oriented site created in collaboration with recording artist Saigon for consumers passionate about hip-hop news, artists, events and more. Together, these sites have seen site traffic grow by over 1,800 percent since going live July 1, 2014. PressRoomVIP saw audience growth of 1,500 percent in only 10 weeks, and Hip Hop My Way's audience grew over 50 times during the same time period!

This exponential growth can be attributed to CPXi's expertise in creating relevant and shareable content and leveraging emerging communication channels to deliver targeted and engaged audiences to advertisers. Building upon the success of these first two sites, CPXi has plans to launch a stable of niche-audience destinations through Consumed Media, in line with both traditional and trending content categories.

The content division launch comes as CPXi also brands its legacy direct response business as a new division, CCDR Media, delivering cross channel direct response strategies designed to leverage all available tools in maximizing performance-driven ROI campaigns.

Rounding out what amounts to a refresh to the company's positioning is the rebranding of a Media Management division, previously known as 'Simplixity, powered by AdReady,' as simply AdReady. The evolution and divisional rename support a transition to a more technology-focused offering that combines a powerful demand-side media management platform with deep campaign optimization expertise.


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