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Biddr Solutions

The header bidding products built with you in mind!

Header bidding technology provides publishers with a proven solution for increased competition, higher yield and improved operational efficiency. Through our suite of Biddr products, bRealTime works with publishers in various ways to implement header bidding solutions. Based on our current ad stack and goals, we will work with you to choose the integration that is right for your business. Scroll over the three products below to learn more.

  Biddr + bRT Biddr Biddr API
SIMPLE INTEGRATION: Seamless setup process to get started X X X
NO ADVERSE EFFECTS OF LATENCY: Publishers can set the overall timeout threshold Across All Header Bidding Partners For The bRT Integration Only ** Controlled by Publisher**
HORIZONTAL INTEGRATION: Unlike some integrations that will compete only for first look or cookie matching, we compete on every impression served X X X
ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT: Access to a technical & operational resource to ensure rapid and effective support X X X
ACCESS THE bRT MARKETPLACE: Drive significantly more competition with access to bRT’s unparalleled proprietary programmatic and managed advertiser demand. X X X
BILL OFF PUBLISHER’S AD SERVER: Ensures no risk of revenue loss, guaranteeing results yielded are purely incremental X X X
MEDIATION: We optimize all partners to maximize competition and drive the highest CPM possible X    
EQUAL PLAYING FIELD: Create parity and fairness for all demand partners competing at the same level X    
INCREASED OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY: A publisher’s ops team does not need to worry about multiple integrations, managing discrepancies & the adverse performance effects of working with multiple header providers X    

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